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Supreme Court to hear travel ban

The U.S. Supreme Court is allowing the Trump administration to enforce most of the ban on visitors from six Muslim countries, overturning a lower court’s order to block it.

The judges said they will hear arguments in the case in October. The ruling is a victory for the Trump administration and ticket to discriminate against visitors based on their religion.

The Trump administration said it needed the ban to allow an internal review of the screening process, but we already have ample rules and regulations to screen visa applicants and visitors to the United States and restricting it to six countries does not make us any safer.

We all want to protect America from aggression and from criminals, but singling out a group of people based on religion is not the right policy. We regret the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, and hope that the Trump administration does not abuse the new order from the court as it did when it enacted the ban early this year and left many people stranded. Click here for more ….

School board creates unnecessary controversy

The Dearborn School Board selected a new member Monday after hours of tense debate, accusations and protests from board members and the public about the procedure of the vote.

The boar failed last week to appoint a trustee, fostering a controversy for days. It was very clear that the board lacks the leadership to make decisions, and at times it seemed unsure about its own bylaws and rules and regulations.  The role of the board is to ensure the best education for our children and serve as a good role model for the students and the district. Click here for more on the role of the school board.

We are disappointed with the way the board conducted itself, and we hope that the board selects a different leader and finds a way to heal the rift and focus on educating our children instead of fighting among themselves.

Construction industry targets millennials

Construction jobs are the hottest market this summer and the demand for such a workforce continue will unabated for several years.

One of the reason for such demand is the housing crunch and road constructions. The number of homes on the market has dropped by 44 percent this year, forcing a great demand on new construction.

The crisis also stems from the fact that the construction workforce is aging faster than any other industry in the country, and industry leaders are looking to millennials to fill the gap. Organizations such as, Michigan Constructions, are providing information, training and job opportunities to new hires in all fields including in the heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, piping and mechanical service sectors. Click here for more ... 

We encourage young people to consider the various opportunities Michigan offers, and the housing market continues expanding, the need will even greater. For more information on the real estate market, call us at 313-819-0101.

Economic conference targets political civility

Economists and business and civic leaders concluded a week of meetings and speeches at the 2017 Mackinac Policy Conference last Friday in hope of turning their conversations into real actions.
Why should you care about all of those meetings and news? Well, some of the main issues they agreed on include restoring civilly in American politics, winning the race in connected technology and increasing economic opportunities, all are important issues to our community and the community at large.

The Arab-American community is one of the fastest growing communities in the state in terms of number and both financial and political strength, and if the state focuses or makes progress toward the highlighted issues at the conference, it would enhance the success of Arab Americans in Michigan.

We hope that our community leaders would partake in those efforts and take a front seat at the table of enhancing civility in Southeast Michigan’s political discourse. Click here for more …..

Preserve services while cutting taxes

President Trump has called for dramatic tax cuts for individuals and businesses. The proposal includes reducing the current tax rate from 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33%, 35% and 39.6% to 10%, 25% and 35%.

All Americans would like to pay less taxes and keep their money, but the challenge is how to cut taxes while retaining or improving services. Listen to this: America is running a 3.3%, or a $559 billion deficit, which means the country is in the red and is spending more money than it is generating.

If we are cutting taxes, we will reduce revenues and increase the deficit if we maintain the same services. But if the president wants to balance the budget, then he would have to reduce services.
So, to be honest with the American people, the president should be talking about the cost of reducing taxes and tell us what services he plans to cut.

The current proposal benefits the rich and puts the poor in more jeopardy. It may put a few more dollars in the poor’s pocket, but it will cost them a lot in the long run. We hope that the administration focuses on preserving services while cutting taxes. Click here for more …..

Focus on work not popularity

As President Trump nears his 100 days in office, most media outlets are busy assessing his popularity, or what he has done in the first 100 days. This is the wrong target.

Let’s focus on programs and what this country needs to move forward: Job growth has been slow; revamping the health car law has failed and the country’s infrastructure continues to deteriorate. We have a lot of work to do and no time to play popularity contests.

We urge all parties to work together and address important issues facing our country instead of working against each other. This is also a time for the media to restore its credibility by focusing politicians on the important issues. Please click here for more on the president’s first 100 days in office.

Startups win cash, incubator programs

Starting a business is very tough, but there are programs that can help beginners tackle challenges and find success. The help includes planning for growth, and overcome business hurdles, which means advice and money.

This week, Michigan State University’s Conquer Accelerator selected five startups for its program and each will receive $20,000, and participate in a 10-week program that includes mentorship, a creative working space, support and resource.

These are good opportunities that new businesses often use to tackle tough challenges. We hope that our community will apply and use similar programs to increase the already impressive number of businesses in the area. Click here for more ….

Best summer for housing in decades

If you have been thinking about selling your home, do not delay. This summer is forecast to be the hottest season for housing in 10 years.

So far this year, home sales are up 6 percent. With inventory continues to be low, sellers are naming their price. So if you want to sell and make money, this is the time to do it. Buyers are biting on every front and well kept homes are fetching a high price.

If you are interested in a free market analysis, please give khalil a call at 313-819-0101.


Recipes make the best gift and they give you the power to change your life, improve your health and benefit your body and soul. We strongly believe that good food is a uniter and it brings people together, mitigating cultural, social and racial differences. We have selected a group of recipes and we will continue to add to the mix. Click here to check out our recipes….

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