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Getting the Most Out of Your Magazine Membership

Joining BIZmagazine provides your business great marketing and long-term advertising opportunities. Know how to turn your magazine membership into an effective marketing tool for your business.

Most towns and all cities have Magazines. BIZmagazine offers many things to small businesses especially new ones and start-ups. It provides a voice for the business community, a bridge between government - small business - corporations - volunteers - religious organizations - schools - clubs - homeowners associations - general public - etc. It's a monumental job, always changing. It takes money, lots of it. It takes coordination and a knack for communications and spreading information. It takes a great deal of support from those, who care and are dedicated to see the community succeed.

BIZmagazine provides the following services:

  • Your own webpage to promote yourself at a very small cost.
  • Cost-effective marketing
  • Advertisement
  • Member to Member promotions
  • Access to lending information
  • Links to government and community agencies
  • Access to business tools and help
  • Increasing our community’s economic leverage
  • Creating the largest online business network

If you truly looking to market your business and help create the largest online network, we kindly urge you to join BIZmagazine. The community needs your help and input. You probably talk to one hundred business owners and residential customers per week. Five hundred per month. Work with us and help us serve you by relating your business concerns to lawmakers.

It only takes a few minutes to join and claim your place online. You can sign for free, or you can increase your benefits by subscribing to the other levels of memberships. The benefits they offer outweighs the modest rate you pay. Keep in mind that it costs thousands of dollars to establish and maintain your own website. We offer you a webpage for as little as $75 a year.

"Business is so good, I don't have the need for marketing." We are happy and pleased that business is good, but good targeted marketing helps you retain and increase your customers. Also, your participation and your monetary contribution help us to provide free membership to community members, who cannot afford it. Also we hope that you encourage others to join BIZmagazine. Only together we can succeed in creating a successful business community.
انضم الان الى مجلة الاعمال
- مجلة الكترونية اقتصادية لخدمة رجال الاعمال الامريكين العرب الذين يبحثون عن فرص وافاق اقتصادية جديدة.:
ـ مجلة شهرية، ونشرة اسبوعية الكترونية
ـ تهدف لتقديم الافكار والخطط والمعلومات الكافية والموثقة لتكونوا دائماً في الطليعة.
ـ تقدم افظل المجالات للتسويق وجني الارباح وتحسين المبيعات.
ـ تُعْلِمُكم باحدث المستجدات القانونية الاقتصادية.
ـ تقدم الفرص لعروضات القروض التجارية.
ـ نشكر لكم اهتمامكم بمجلة الاعمال.
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