Tony Blair is resigning from his job as Mideast peace broker

Did you know that Tony Blair is the Middle East peace envoy? Well he is and he has had that job for eight years. Now he wants to resign because the job is done and there is no need of mediating peace in the Middle East.

Blair, an ex British prime minister, served as an envoy to the Quartet that includes the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations. He has solved all of the Middle Eastern issues, including but not limited to the Israeli-Arab conflict, the Syrian Civil War, the Lebanese government deadlock, the Libyan disintegration, the Iraq fragmentation and the Saudi and the Iranian domination of the region.

The biggest job Blair has accomplished was helping the Palestinians obtain a homeland while guaranteeing the security of Israelis.

Oh, did I say that he has made $200 million in the past eight years he has been a peace enjoy, according to the Telegraph. Of course it was not salaries; the wealth comes from private dealings in the area, as Blair serves as an advisor to governments and corporations in the Middle East, Europe and America.

We will miss him terribly and we will miss his hard work to bring peace and stability to the Middle East. May you enjoy your new role.

888 days ago
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