Closing low performing schools could force poor students to pay the price of a statewide problem. (read more)
President-elect Donald Trump selects Michigan Betsy DeVos as education secretary, setting the stage to boost private education. (read more)
It could be easy to do, but we delay for anther day, another week or another month. We all do it but, a writer at Inc. Magazine said it could be stopped by doing three things. (read more)
The state of Michigan removed five Dearborn schools from its accountability list because they made “big strides in raising the academic achievement and improvement of struggling students.” (read more)
Handling criticism is not easy when it comes from a credible source in your industry. The natural response is to defend yourself, but there is another way that is more effective. (read more)
As part of meetings in different communities, Madonna University officials held a reception in Dearborn Thursday, attracting a large crowd of alumni, supporters and community members. (read more)
There is nothing worse than getting used to saying a word or certain words and keep using them in all occasions, without realizing the impact on your image (read more)
Most university brag about the size of their endowment, which it is in the billions for some while raising tuition and asking students to pay more. (read more)
The vacancy on the Dearborn School Board Trustees attracted 20 residents vying to replace Aimee Schoelles, who resigned on June 30. (read more)
The final two candidates for the Dearborn Public Schools superintendent will spend Wednesday meeting the community and visiting the different schools. (read more)
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