Thousands of people protested President Trump's executive order against Muslim immigrants across the country for the second day for the inhumane measures that touch innocent people. (read more)
Swim season begins this month, and parents will definitely want to encourage their children to enjoy this recreational activity while also taking the necessary precautions to ensure child safety. (read more)
While fasting is good for the body and the soul, experts recommend that we do not neglect exercising during Ramadan. Here are a few tips on how to safely exercise while fasting. (read more)
Southeast Michigan is home to hundreds of thousands of people of Middle Eastern origin, and it gains tremendous energy during Ramadan, with shops, restaurants and cafes being very busy. (read more)
العيش في لبنان بالنسبة للمغترب الذي أمضى سنوات عمره في الخارج، شبه مستحيل. (read more)
A group of Syrian refugee teens won a robotic competition from a field of over 1000 teams, including college-level competitors. (read more)
The Al-Jadeed television channel featured Dearborn as the capital of Arab Americans in the United States. (read more)
Discussing drug addiction in the Arab-American community has been a taboo, and family members often hide the cause of death when someone dies of drug overdose. (read more)
Founder of Zaman International Najah Bazzy has been recognized by CBS 62’s Eye On The Future program along with four other women. (read more)
Law enforcement agencies are urging community members to report any suspicious activities to local law enforcements immediately in the current politically charged atmosphere. (read more)
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