HUD Secretary Ben Carson said that some slaves came to America as immigrants during his first speech to hundreds of department employees.

I've got news for Mr. Carson. You are black, and African Americans did not choose to come to America or any European country. They were dragged by force. Nearly 50 million Africans died on the journey from Africa to the new world. They were stacked like wine bottles in the bottom of ships. Those who died were tossed overboard. If the sea could testify, it could tell you stories, Mr. Carson.

Africans faced more than 200 years of perpetual abuse and torture by whites and continue to face discrimination, racism and bigotry. If you have been privileged, Mr. Carson, many African Americans have not been. If you do not know your history, Mr. Carson, you should learn it. It is only appropriate to know your history.

America is the land of opportunity on a proportional scale, favoring whites. If you don’t understand that, wake up and smell the coffee. Oh, by the way, you are still black. Click here for more ... 

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