The American Arab Business Journal is a monthly digital magazine, with a weekly e-newsletter, serving the American Arab business community. We publish on the first week of every month in Arabic and English, and we update our website as often as needed with new information, discounts, news, links, announcements and events.

Our weekly e-newsletter reaches thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners and customers, and it includes weekly hot deals and timely news, advice and information. Our smartphone app is being designed for mobile marketing.

Our goals are:

  • Providing you great exposure to increase your sales and revenue.
  • Keeping you informed about economic trends, new laws and regulations.
  • Offering you leads on loans, grants and professional development.
  • Creating the largest online network of entrepreneurs, professionals and customers.


To find out how your business can benefit from becoming a subscribed member, please visit the following pages;

** We also provide three additional business plans that offer many marketing and promotional benefits. Please contact us for details at 313-757-7787 or at**

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