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New Car Shopping Tips?

Even with the large amount of automotive information available on the internet, many people still purchase new cars within only a few days of making the decision to buy. This leaves a huge opportunity for a buyer to be sold a car, that he or she may not actually have wanted, rather than making an informed purchase decision to buy a car. Continue Reading



2013 New Care Buying Guides editors review the latest cars, minivans, SUVs and trucks every year and compare them with the competition. After expert analysis, our editors prepare buying guides that recommend the leading models in every vehicle segment, from convertibles to hybrids. These buying guides are meant to help you learn which models are class standouts before you begin to shop. Whether you're looking for a fuel-efficient small sedan, an eight-passenger crossover SUV, a sleek luxury coupe or anything in between, these recommended vehicles should help establish some guidelines for your search. Continue Reading




10 Steps to Buying a Used Car


The following steps will tell you how to locate, price and negotiate to buy the used car you want. If you don't yet know what car to buy, read "10 Steps to Finding the Right Car for You" and then come back after you have decided. Continue Reading




Care and Maintenance Tips


74 Tips to Extend the Live of Your Car

The ultimate auto care guide to keep your care running in top-notch condition

We’ve compiled our best expert advice, surprising tricks, and car care tips to prolong the life of your automobile!  Check it Out



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