Goals & Mission


Mission Statement:

Strength in Diversity, Success in Knowledge & Innovation



Phase one: (bizmagazine.org, Ya Michigan)

  • Creating the largest digital network and information delivery system in the Middle-Eastern American community in Michigan.
    Connecting businesses and customers to help the business community succeed.
    Helping non-Middle Eastern companies sell their products in the community.
    Creating the largest digital network of entrepreneurs, businesses and customers in the Middle-Eastern American community in Michigan.
  • Focusing on mobile technology to create an effective and instant information delivery system.
  • Helping non-Middle Eastern companies sell their products in the community.
  • Empowering immigrant entrepreneurs with news and information to keep them informed about economic trends, new laws and regulations and leads on loans, grants and professional development.
  • Providing cultural diversity training to bridge the cultural gaps.



Phased Two: Intercultural Media Center (IMC)


  • Providing internships to aspiring journalists.
  • Training community members to understand mainstream media.
  • Conducting media research to help journalists better understand our community.
  • Hosting special training for Middle Eastern journalists.
  • Hosting American journalists to speak in the community.




From the Executive Editor:

Thank you for your interest in Bizmagazine.org, a trusted source of business news and information, empowering Arab- and Muslim-American entrepreneurs.


Whom do we serve?

Immigrants are entrepreneurs by nature, and Arab and Muslim Americans are no exception. They have made tremendous strides, turning dilapidated buildings into successful business districts, rebuilding neighborhoods and contributing to the local, state and national economy.

Often member of our community would attack the mainstream media for its coverage of the community on the local, state and national level. But most Middle Eastern immigrants lack the understanding of how the media works and how to cooperate with the media to improve coverage. The American Middle East Institute aims at bridging the gaps between our community and mainstream media.


Why do we serve?

Regardless of their success, immigrant entrepreneurs continue to face challenges, accessing information in their own language about lending, professional development and changes in laws and regulations. We fill that gap by providing the necessary information in Arabic and English.

Also we are strong believers in Community By Design, where immigrants are afforded the opportunity to create successful communities by merging their native cultures with their adopted ones, fostering a unique successful American experience. For immigrants to succeed, they need to have strong businesses to support other facets of the community. Bizmagazine's efforts to educate, promote and support businesses will augment that success.

But it is going to take all of us, working together to succeed. We ask you kindly to support us with a modest subscription and we promise to work very hard to provide you the information you need to succeed.

We, at Bizmagazine.org and Ya Michigan value innovation and aim to provide you ideas, strategies and information to keep you ahead of the competition. 

Thank you for time and consideration

We look forward to working with you.  Contact us at 313-757-7787, info@bizmagazine.org

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